Licenses and Permits


Beer License:


Business License:

Business licenses are issued at City Hall for businesses located in or doing business within the city limits. Cost of license is $15.00. Applications are available at City Hall or by clicking on the following link.  Business License Application Form


Zoning Compliance Application:

Zoning compliance applications are required for any additions to property within the corporate limits of Adams, TN, to include swimming pools, storage buildings, fences, etc.  Zoning compliance  applications are available at City Hall or can be accessed and filled out using the link provided below.   Once the form has been filled out in its entirety, please submit the application along with a detailed sketch and description of proposed building and/or improvement to the office of City Hall.  Once the application is reviewed by the Mayor, you will be notified via phone or mail as to whether or not your application has been approved.  (The turn around time is usually within two (2) weeks.)  If your application is approved and marked as such, you will need to take the signed application to the Robertson County Planning Office so they can issue the building permit.     

Zoning Compliance Application Form

Sign Permit:


Swimming Pool Permit:







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