Museum, Archives and Library Board

Bell-Willette Museum, Archives, and Library Board

Adams Museum Chairman, Tim Henson

Tim Henson

Kay Bagby
Tyler Estep
Tim Henson
Cathy Lowe
Mary Mantooth
(615) 696-2145

The Museum Board meets monthly to discuss upkeep of the Museum located at the Bell School, 7617 Highway 41N, Adams, Tennessee, and to maintain and preserve the rich history of our city.

They regularly entertain guests and visitors to our town, share the history of the area. Members of the board care deeply about sharing our history with our citizens and those visiting our city.

One of their most successful efforts is the renovation and relocation of several old buildings from our town.  Beside the Bell School, there is the old barber shop, two doctor’s buildings, and the old log cabin, made with wood from the original Bell home.  These are open at every city event, and upon request to anyone who would like a tour.

The most recent addition to the Adams Museum is the contents of the Sory Drug Store and Soda Fountain, originally located on Main Street in Adams, now displayed at the Bell School in Adams, through the generosity of Ms. Ann Wilson.

For more information about Adams history or the Museum, contact Tim Henson at (615)696-2145, or stop by the Museum at the Bell School during the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or weekends during the lunch hours.


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